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Tomáš Lamač

Tomáš Lamač

(6. 1. 1978)

The engraver and medal designer Tomáš Lamač is a true master of his craft. The focal point of his work in the numismatic field lies mainly in modifications of coin dies, which he prepares for their final use. Apart from this, however, he also devotes himself to decorative engraving of knives, daggers and firearms. Lately, he has been more and more often returning to the production of plaster models for new commemorative coinage. A native from Jablonec nad Nisou, Tomáš Lamač showed his incredible sense for detail and fine work for instance on a medal dedicated to the Slovak city of Košice (2013, Prague Mint), where he excellently put to use his experience from engraving. He finds a counterbalance to the demanding engraving and medal-making work in leisure sport. He indulges especially in high mountain trekking, but he also loves cycling or trips on cross-country skis in winter.
Tomáš Lamač studied the Secondary School of Applied Arts and the Higher Technical School in Jablonec nad Nisou, where he also lives and works. His sister is the famous Czech medal maker and teacher Petra Lamačová-Čánská.


When did you firmly decide to become an engraver?
It was during my study as I was gradually learning about engraving and found out that I really enjoyed this work. As a result of this I decided to continue at the Higher Technical School where it was a narrow specialization in minted medals and coins.

Which work in your career do you consider the most difficult?
Maybe, I would mention a hunting knife which I produced and embellished with an engraving on my own initiative. The work itself took about one month. Concerning my recent works, I consider the embellishment of the gun bearing the designation ZH as my best. Engraving of weapons is generally quite demanding and it requires great concentration. However, work on themes for medal designs is not easy either, although the nature of the creative work is slightly different.

Czech coin and medal production has witnessed extraordinary boom in the last years. How do you see the level of the Czech production?
I think the level is very high and it can be compared with the best production in the world. The reason for this is because fortunately we have a great many excellent artists, whether it is Vladimír Oppl, late Jiří Harcuba, whose work I like a lot, or other brilliant artists. The high level of the Czech medal production rests on these masters.

Another artworks prepared by Tomáš Lamač

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